The Seven Sisters
This installation is comprised of three parts:
A. Sighting wall, which point s to the position of the Pleiades rise on Winter Solstice
B. The outer precinct wall
C. The Circle of the Seven Sisters

It is presented as an observation on the lives of women.
The Symbols
on the Precinct Wall:
Handprint of Dan Snow
who built the precinct wall
Double wedding
bands, mine inside
my husband's
entry into the circle
Stand on the double X's between "Birth" and
"Death" and complete the circle
The steles:
1. Birth
2. Nurture
3. The Moon, which
rules our months
4. The Seven Sisters
5. The Sun, which
rules our years
6. Attainment
7. Death
Outer motif on all stones- simple
depiction of female anatomy.  It is
empty on the reverse of "Death"